Time for cocktails? We’re delighted to see that the home bar, once relegated to back cabinets and shelves has gotten new life recently in the form of bar carts and drink trolleys. We feel strongly that liquor bottles with fantastic packaging, fun vintage glasses and 60s barware should always be out on display.

via That Bow | Emily Henderson

Bar carts are an essential building block to any great home bar. Here’s one of ours, an industrial typewriter table dressed up for a party…

(Photo: Daniel Krieger, Styling: Emily Butler)

They’re small and portable and come in so many shapes and textures. Why not roll them from room to room?

via Glitter Guide | via Shelter

Since we’ve gotten so many requests for bar carts recently, we thought we’d share a few of our favorites…

1. Vintage Goat Skin Drop Leaf 2. Vintage 1970s Lucite and Brass Cart 3. Vintage 1950s Danish Cart Bar 4. Libson Vintage Brass and Glass Table 5. Vintage Art Deco Bar Cart 6. Polished Nickel Bar Cart

Look for more bar cart ideas on our cocktail hour board on Pinterest. Stayed tuned for next week, when we’ll start layering our bar carts with trays…

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2 Responses to Bar Cart Love

  1. […] that you’ve found your perfect bar cart, before you even think of stocking your bar, pick up some trays in different shapes and sizes. […]

  2. […] of weeks, we’ve been talking about different items needed to create the perfect home bar:  bar carts, trays and cocktail shakers, but the true backbone of any great bar are the liquors and spirits. […]

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